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Production schedule

Standard and atypical cranes

  • Bridge cranes, lifting capacity up to 100 t, span up to 30 m
  • Single-girder cranes with bracket crabs and cabins
  • Twin-girder cranes with cabins, fitted with service walkway and weighing devices
  • Rotary pillar cranes and rotary bracket cranes, lifting capacity up to 6,3 t
  • Special cranes for handling by means of cross beams, magnets, grabs, vacuum devices etc.
  • Cranes for explosive spaces
  • Crane runways for bridge cranes and full-portal gantry cranes
  • Suspension travels

Modernizations of cranes

  • Replacement of the crab or the pulley block by a new modern lifting unit
  • Electronic regulation of the lifts and travels of the crab and of the crane by means of frequency converters
  • Modernization of the electrical installation of the cranes including the replacement of the transversal and longitudinal trolley wires
  • Additional installation of the control by means of suspension controller or by radio remote control
  • Additional installation of overload and anti-collision devices of the cranes
  • Installation of weighing devices including the display unit
  • Rekonstruction of crane runways while using the elastic bearing of rails
  • Rectification of crane runways including geodesic surveying

Crane component parts

  • Rope pulley blocks and chain pulley blocks STAHL
  • Travel blocks and crane cross girders STAHL
  • Remote control AUTEC, suspension controllers GIOVENZANA
  • Mobile power cables and trolley wire systems 

Head office Svitavy

Bezručova 9A, čp.1147 
568 02 Svitavy 

tel. +420 461 532 961 
tel. +420 461 540 064